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Why would you want to do a home inspection BEFORE putting your home on the market?

We hear this question quite a lot: “Why should I get the inspection BEFORE I list my home?”

The question is always delivered with sincerity and we do our best to educate our clients with best practices, especially those that will provide them with the greatest value at closing. Understanding the true state of your home is essential to maximizing that value, not to mention the peace of mind that it brings you.

In our experience, we know that the most stressful times for sellers are the the 10 days that occur when a buyer orders a home inspection. The seller waits on pins and needles to find out “Did everything go smoothly? Did they discover and big issues that I don’t know about? Are they going to ask for something outrageous? Is the deal going to flip?” You can obtain some important, basic intelligence on your own property in advance and alleviate a lot of needless anxiety. By doing so, you will also be able to know when a buyer is being reasonable and when they are simply asking too for too much.


Home inspections

On average, home inspections cost between $500 and $800 depending on how large a home is. This can seem like a lot when you are also taking care of a long “to do” list before your home goes on the market. However, not knowing if you have an issue (s) puts you in a vulnerable position. Taking care of problems in advance costs less than unexpected surprises when you are in contract.


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See what the National Association of Realtors has to say about this and don’t forget to read the home inspector’s comment on this article as well!

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