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Seabeck is one of Kitsap County’s last frontiers. Just a short scenic drive from Silverdale, you will discover a community that sits along the Hood Canal in the showdown of the Olympic Mountains. Enjoy shrimping, fishing, hiking, or even just strolling along the beach of the area’s state park.  Established in 1856, Seabeck rivals Seattle in its history yet still holds that rural, hometown community that captures your heart.



Bike Friendly


With the average home price being $689,000, there are so many great neighborhoods to explore in Seabeck.

  • Scenic Beach
  • Miami Beach
  • Misery Point
  • Big Beef Creek
  • Camp Union
  • Crosby
  • Stavis Bay


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Seabeck hosts two fantastic parks for every adventurer.

Scenic Beach State Park sits on the shore of the Hood Canal and is second to none with it’s views of the Olympic Mountain Range. Enjoy overnight camping in the summer months and enjoy the trails while heading over to the historic Emel House Gazebo.

Guillemot Cove is a fantastic nature reserve with a well-maintained trail and breathtaking views. This is the perfect hike for kids and those seeking to fulfil their inner hobbit by visiting the old stump house.



Kitsap county residents are all familiar with the famous Seabeck Pizza. Located at the marina, there is nothing better after a day of hiking the area.


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