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Indianola was formed on a portion of the Port Madison Indian Reservation. Originally a destination for vacationers in the summer, the iconic dock was built for visitors coming via steamer ship from Seattle. It is now a mix of full time and summer residents. Known for its beautiful beach, there are 5 community beach access points including a boat launch. The folksy Indianola Country Store, Post Office and Clubhouse make up the “downtown”. Residents love that this little seaside treasure has maintained its original charm, in part, because you don’t drive through it to get anywhere.



Bike Friendly


Indianola has fun community events several times a year.

The Clubhouse is used to host the annual chili cook off, Octoberfest and the annual Salmon Bake. The Salmon Bake is part of a 3 day event called Indianola Days. It involves a community talent show “Stunt Night”, a sandcastle building contest, a dance, a 2.5 mile fun run and a pet parade. If you want to know why people move to this idyllic little town come for a visit during this sweet, old fashioned festival.


White House Golf Club

The White Horse golf club is close by and a community trail runs through it from Indianola to the beloved Heritage Park trail system. The trail system is a favorite for walking, trail running and mountain biking. All summer long kids can be seen jumping off the dock into the Puget Sound. The beach is a major destination. When the tide goes out, it goes way out and is perfect for long walks. Half the town can be found there in warmer weather.



The Indianola Country store is a fun spot to grab a quick sandwich (the Reubens are great) and soda before you head to the beach. Don’t miss the homemade chocolate chip cookies.


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